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The research results of the founder team of Qasky were selected as China's top 10 optical progress in 2019

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On March 20, Chinese Journal of Lasers published the "Top 10 optical progress of China in 2019". The research results of the quantum cryptography research group led by Academician Guang-can Guo and Professor Zheng-fu Han of the University of science and technology of China(USTC) were selected into the top ten progress of applied research.


The team first proposed Twin-Field Quantum Key Distribution protocol without Phase Postselection, which effectively improved the execution efficiency of the Twin-Field type protocol. Based on this protocol, the researchers have broken through two core technologies of off-site twin optical field preparation and long-distance channel phase compensation. In the 300 km conventional commercial optical fiber channel, the researchers took the lead in completing the experiment of high key generation rate beyond the limit of linear bound, which is a key step for the realization of quantum repeater free long-distance inter city quantum key distribution network.

China's top 10 optical progress was initiated by Chinese Journal of Lasers. After the first round of recommendation, preliminary evaluation and final evaluation, 20 major optical progress, including quantum key distribution, photonic chip, intelligent laser and panchromatic laser display, stood out from 110 research progress and was selected as China's top 10 optical progress in 2019 (10 in basic research and 10 in Applied Research). The selection committee is composed of 48 experts in the field of Optics and photonics. Considering the academic value and application value of the candidate achievements, 30 items from the preliminary evaluation are selected into the final evaluation, and the "top 10 progress of Chinese Optics in 2019" is produced by secret ballot.

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