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Product Description
Quantum cryptography research platform(QCRP)
QCRP (Quantum cryptography research platform) focuses on comprehensively meeting the research demands of high-performance quantum cryptography systems and provides multi-channel and high-performance actuating signal for system control in a modularized way. It realizes flexible arrangement through control with hardware and software as an easily accessible unified control platform and is provided with complete protocol driving and data analyzing and processing ability, compatible with various development languages and kinds of software (LabVIEW, Python, MATLAB, C/C++, etc.) and available for secondary development. QCRP allows users to concentrate on research on quantum cryptography protocol and solutions, enabling quick verification of scientific inspiration.
Main Features



Decoy-state   light source

1.Support 1.25 GHz repetition rate   pulsed light output

2.The light intensity ratio of   signal state and decoy state can be adjusted;

3.The trigger ratio of signal state   and decoy state can be adjusted.

Dual-channel high-speed single   photon detector

1.Support dual-channel 1.25GHz   repetition frequency gating mode detection;

2. Detection efficiency 20%;

3. Dark count rate 1.6 E-6/Gate;

4. After pulse probability 2%,   output jitter <40ps

5. The delay adjustment accuracy of   each channel gate control signal is 5 ps

RF amplifier   module

1. Number of channels 2/4/8

2. Cut-off frequency 1MHz~1.25GHz

3. Output voltage range: 0~12V

4. Maximum signal gain: 26dB

5.P-1 25dBm

6. Input voltage range: 200~1000Vp-p

DC bias   voltage source

1. Number of channels 2/4/8

2. Output voltage range: -6~6V

High-speed   clock source

1. Number of channels 4/8

2. Frequency range 50KHz~2.5GHz

3. Output jitter <5ps

4. Clock adjustable delay range   0~5ns, precision 5ps

Device case   Controller

1.Processor Intel Core i5-7442EQ   2.1GHZ QM175chipset;

2.Provide Gen2 PCIe link to AXIe   backplane, up to 4GB/s data transmission bandwidth;

3.The front panel provides 2 USB3.0   ports, 2 USB2.0 ports, and 2 LAN (10/100/1000) ports;

4.Provide external 10/100MHz clock   input and output 10/100MHz synchronous clock;

5. 64-bit windows 7 operating   system.

QCRP host   computer

1. Unified operation interface of   each module;

2. Independent instrument mode and   system scheme mode are optional;

3.The scheme mode comes with   parameter scanning function;

4. Support MATLAB, LabView, Python,   etc. to call the sdk interface, and support user secondary development.


Ø  Research on high-speed (GHz) quantum key distribution

Ø  Research on algorithms and post-processing of QKD

Ø  Research on the characteristics of devices in quantum optics

Ø  Implementation of new types of quantum key distribution protocol

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