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Franchise Cooperation

Facing the scientific research and educational needs of quantum optics and quantum communication industries, our company can provide various customized technical services for user needs, including the customized development of new functional products and the secondary development of existing products.


Specifically, it includes the customization of PPKTP high-brightness entanglement source expansion experiment equipment, such as quantum imaging, quantum illumination, etc. We work with professional researchers from CAS Key Laboratory of Quantum Information to provide you with professional consultation and tailor-made high-end scientific research experimental devices.

  • TEL:0551-63637001
  • EMAIL:Qeducation@qasky.com、qaskyhf@qasky.com
  • ADDRESS:5th Floor, Block D, Phase 4, Shushan E-commerce Industrial Park, Intersection of Huguang Road and Zhenxing Road, Shushan District, Hefei, Anhui Province
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