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Release Time:2020-07-22

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To meet the needs of scientific research users for fast and convenient implementation of scientific inspiration, the quantum education cloud platform provides the virtual simulation software Qsim and the general hardware development platform QCRP for the research direction of quantum cryptography. Qsim provides a professional quantum cryptography simulation platform. Users can freely build the experimental optical path by dragging and dropping. The experimental instrument parameters are adjustable, and the necessary post-processing process in quantum cryptography is integrated to provide a fast simulation platform for quantum cryptography schemes.

QCRP focuses on solving the scientific research needs of high-performance quantum cryptography system in an all-round way, providing multi-channel and high-performance driving signals required by system control through modularization, and realizes a unified control platform with flexible deployment and easy operation in the control form of combination of software and hardware. QCRP enables users to focus on the research of quantum cryptography protocols and schemes, enabling rapid experimental verification of scientific inspiration.

At the same time, we provide the core experimental resources in quantum information research quantum entanglement light source, and provide high brightness PPKTP entanglement source, the coincidence count rate is up to 20kHz / MW. The quantum entangled source can switch to single photon source mode quickly, which provides the basic conditions of "parametric light" experiment for quantum precision measurement, quantum nonlocality and other quantum information experiments.


We provide professional team technical support. Four of the team members have doctorates from the USTC. We accept customized cooperation and development of high-end scientific research products.

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