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Release Time:2020-07-22

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 Primary and secondary school is an important position of quantum information education. Quantum information experiment has rich connotation and basic physical phenomena, which can be combined with classical physics (such as optics), so that students can learn textbook knowledge, expand frontier scientific and technological knowledge, and let students really fall in love with physics! Cultivate interest in learning!

At the same time, we innovate the presentation form, combine quantum information experiment with virtual reality technology, enhance students' interest in learning, and make quantum more fun!

This platform is oriented to the new college entrance examination physics experiment teaching. On the one hand, it focuses on the content related to light in the college entrance examination physics outline. It takes the wave-particle duality of light as the main line and supports the wave properties of light, including light refraction, interference, and diffraction. And so on, to the particle properties of light, such as uncertain relationship, photoelectric effect, single photon interference, etc. On the other hand, aiming at the frontiers of scientific and technological development, introducing basic scientific experiments in the direction of quantum information. The quantum entanglement source experiment in the platform fully covers the above-mentioned knowledge points in the college entrance examination physics outline, allowing students to experience the direct application of the above-mentioned knowledge points in cutting-edge scientific and technological research, improving students’ interest in physics and scientific literacy, and broadening students’ Knowledge and vision can play an important role in improving the quality of physics teaching and the future development of students.

In the process of platform design, we fully consider the reusability of devices, the applicability of teaching materials and the openness of the platform. 1. The reusability of the device. Modularized design of optical devices, multiple modules can be combined and reconfigured to achieve multiple uses. A set of equipment can be used with multiple knowledge points to improve the cost-effectiveness of the platform experimental device; 2. Applicability of teaching materials. We can cooperate with teachers' teaching to customize experimental course handouts according to high school syllabus, physics textbooks and students' knowledge level, so as to realize the full matching of teaching materials and teaching process, and empower high school physics experiment teaching; 3. The openness of the platform. On the one hand, for students who are able to learn, we provide a wealth of expanded reading materials and expanded experiments, which fully reflect the cutting-edge and cutting-edge characteristics of the platform, and help cultivate top students such as independent enrollment of colleges and universities, Physics Olympiad contestants, and our experimental platform. A semi-open design is adopted to facilitate the further development and research of other optical experiments by teachers. 

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