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Product Description
Time to digital converter(TDC)
Time to digital converter (TDC) is a kind of instrument which can identify the time of events and convert analog signals into digital signals. It is widely used in scientific research fields such as statistics of laser pulse distribution, particle collision time, quantum optics, quantum key distribution, optical detection and lidar ranging. TDC100 is a compact and easy-to-expandable PCIe board-card TDC. It supports three modes of channel difference measurement (start channel can be selected arbitrarily), pulse width measurement and pulse spacing measurement. It has the function of pulse auxiliary count in each channel, and has the characteristics of ultra-high resolution, multi-channel output and high data conversion rate.
Main Features

Performance of Channel

Channel interface


Number of channels

4 channels(3+1)/7 channels(6+1)

Reference clock input interface


Input signal standard

-5V ~+5VTrigger threshold can be set

Trigger method

Rising or falling edges

Minimum trigger pulse width


Performance of TDC

Time   resolution

10ps /20ps/30ps..50ns

Maximum   range


Time   jitter

<15ps rms

Saturation   count rate

50 x 10^6 cps

Dead   time


Total   event transmission rate

50M Event/s

Reference   clock input


Measurement   mode

Difference mode (start-stop) / pulse width   measurement / pulse interval measurement/Coincidence count

Maximum   count value


Acquisition   display mode

Frequency display/continuous statistics   (1s—several days)

Performance of equipment

power supply

300W, 100~240VAC

Size of equipment

323x 176.6x 336 mm(WxH xD)

Display screen

Touch screen, 10.1" LCD display, resolution: 1280x 800



 Operating system Win10  64 bit
 Operating temperature 0~35℃


Ø  Statistics of afterpulse distribution of laser

Ø  Particle collision time

Ø  Time dependent single photon counting

Ø  Quantum key distribution and quantum optics

Ø  Fluorescence lifetime and fluorescence spectroscopy Optical detection and lidar ranging

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