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Product Description
Quantum Key Distribution Simulator (Qsim)
Qsim (Quantum Key Distribution Simulator) quantum key distribution(QKD) simulation system is a teaching software which is used for QKD simulation experiments. Qsim has a friendly interactive interface, exquisite sandbox combination, real physical model, detailed device introduction, and built-in typical QKD protocol demo. Qsim enables users to quickly learn and master the basic principles of the QKD system and the implementation methods of related protocols, and has the function of teaching. At the same time, Qsim also provides a simulation verification platform to meet users' innovative exploration experiments.
Main Features




Basic Version

Contains   common light source and detection device, active optical device, passive   optical device. Contains BB84 protocol post-processing module. Contains the   introduction of every component, usage method, and typical Demo tutorials and   other built-in software files. Contains menu modules such as edit, insert,   layout, and run.


Standard Version

Contains   all the features of the Basic version. Contains functional modules such as   desktop sharing, terminal monitoring, course management, and homework   scoring. Contains operation control functions. Contains three device modules   such as superconducting nanowire detectors and three instrument modules, such   as time-to-digital converters. Contains five QKD protocol post-processing   modules such as MDI protocol.


Professional Version

Contains   all the functions of the Standard Version. Support the function of inserting   formula nodes. Contains device module customization functions, allowing users   to customize devices using Python. Including attack schemes such as beam   splitter attack, blinding attack and post-processing modules.


Ø  New optical system and principle verification of QKD system;

Ø  Teaching of the principles, parameters and usage methods of typical optical system components;

Ø  The impact of optical device imperfections on the QKD system;

Ø  Simulation of clock synchronization in QKD system;

Ø  Exploration and verification of new types of QKD protocols.

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